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MCC Releases First Set of Independent Evaluations

The following is an excerpt from a statement from the Millennium Challenge Corporation. You can read the full statement and learn more about its independent evaluations on the MCC website.

According to monitoring data, MCC was very successful in meeting or exceeded its output and outcome targets for the evaluated activities. The average completion rate of output and outcome targets is: Ghana (103 percent), Armenia (103 percent), Nicaragua (112 percent), El Salvador (131 percent), and Honduras (158 percent).

These five impact evaluations also provide encouraging news about MCC program successes:

  • In El Salvador, the evaluators found that dairy farmers doubled their farm incomes.
  • In Ghana, northern region farmers’ annual crop income increased significantly relative to the control group, over and above any impacts recorded in the other zones.
  • In Nicaragua, project participants’ farm incomes went up 30 percent after two to three years of project support.

In fact, these evaluations show increases in farm income in three out of the four countries where methodologically sound evaluations were possible.

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