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Students hang out in the plaza at the Centro de Formacion Nuevos Mayas in the Xix community of Guatemala.

Nonprofits & NGOs

Feed the Future partners with civil society organizations that have local connections, development expertise, and a passion for combating hunger, poverty and undernutrition.

Nonprofit and NGO partners shape U.S. Government strategies and approaches to development, implement Feed the Future programs, and help us better engage local actors in food security, resilience and nutrition decisions, policies and progress. They also often bring their own resources to the table to combat global hunger and poverty.

Together, our efforts build local capacity, empower people to take ownership of their own advancement, and leverage strong community relationships. Read our civil society engagement handbook to learn more.

Our Partners

Our nonprofit and NGO partners play a unique role in efforts to end global hunger, poverty and undernutrition. Feed the Future works closely with civil society partners—from farmers’ organizations, to local nonprofits, to community and faith-based groups—to achieve lasting results.

Our Nonprofits & NGOs Partners Across the United States

We have partnerships all across the country. Explore the map on the right to get a full picture of the extent and range of our partnerships.

    Download the Map (PDF)

    Get Involved

    There are a variety of ways for nonprofits and NGOs to work with Feed the Future. For current funding opportunities, check out:

    If you’re a development practitioner or organization looking to learn or share expertise, please check out to join Feed the Future’s community of practice.

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